JP Weather

Stable 1.1.0

Released on:
Monday, 06 April 2015 00:00

This module will display the USA weather by zip code without ads. It reads current conditions and the seven-day forecasts from sensors at airports and schools. Using Intelligent Caching the module displays the weather in customizable and simple templates.

Installation and FAQ help click here

NOAA's listing of stations is completely weird. We now do it a different way. Also we organize the list better.

When using day/night split forecasts and day doesn't exist anymore, we now fake it with the total.

Better explanations of config options.

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JP Weather

Current Conditions
Wind north at 0 mph
Temp: 57°
Precip chance:%
Hi:59° / Lo:49°
Rain Showers
Precip chance:56%
Hi:53° / Lo:36°
Slight Chance Rain Showers
Precip chance:70%
Hi:63° / Lo:38°
Mostly Sunny
Precip chance:86%
Hi:59° / Lo:46°
Chance Rain Showers
Precip chance:23%
Hi:60° / Lo:42°
Chance Rain Showers
Precip chance:3%
Hi:62° / Lo:°