Welcome. We're a web design company that does a lot of work in Joomla. We have decided to start releasing some of that work to the public. We're packaging up some of our modules, components and templates.flowers

We are offering a free Joomla module "JP_Weather" as our first release. It is a simple module to display the USA weather without ads.

The module shows current conditions and the seven-day forecasts from sensors at airports and schools by zip code. It uses intelligent caching to conserve system resources and let pages load fast.

The display is customizable in simple templates. You can see examples of it on this page.


If you register we will keep your email private and only email you about occasional important stuff about the module unless you tell us to stop. It's that simple. 

We hope you enjoy the simplicity and quality of JP Weather.


JP Weather

Current Conditions
Partly Cloudy
Wind west at 8 mph
Temp: 64°
Mostly Cloudy
Precip chance:21%
Hi:64° / Lo:44°
Chance Rain Showers
Precip chance:11%
Hi:54° / Lo:30°
Mostly Sunny
Precip chance:34%
Hi:45° / Lo:30°
Mostly Cloudy
Precip chance:21%
Hi:48° / Lo:31°
Slight Chance Snow Showers
Precip chance:1%
Hi:44° / Lo:28°
Mostly Sunny
Precip chance:1%
Hi:52° / Lo:35°